Technocom was founded in February 1992 in Mannheim.

At the end of the first business year, the sphere of business was redesigned thus turning from a company offering hard- and software products to an IT-enterprise specialized in the development of individualized software solutions.

The staff is composed, as of November 2006, of 9 employees and several free-lance developers. Most of the personnel are holding a diploma in informatics and are trained system developers.


Technocom-IT is specialized in the development of individual software solutions, the integration of existing components and the adaptation to the respective client-specific requirements. Above all, we have considerable know-how in the design and the development of client-server applications.

Our top priority is to satisfy our client’s requests.

A further factor of our quality assurance is the consequent use of new technologies and developments. For us this means object-oriented analysis, design and coding and use of the internet with all its capabilities.

Due to our organizational structure with flat hierarchy levels and the thereof resulting ability to make ad hoc decisions, we are able to take swift action and support our clients without delay. We have preserved the flexibility to find also unconventional solutions to your problems.

Our customers do not only appreciate the quality of our solutions, which presupposes an excellent knowledge of the subject and a profound understanding of comlex commercial facts, but also the efficiency and the short reaction time of our support staff.


For a use in different environments (several locations with their own data bank server), we developed a system-independent mechanism for the data replication, which supports, contrary to the data-warehouse concept, the central as well as the local data modification.

Of course, we were not only concerned with the development of data bank applications, but have also profound knowledge in programming windows-applications.

Furthermore, we have considerable know-how in the sphere of object-orientation due to our cooperation with the “Institut für Angewandte Kybernetik und interdisziplinäre Systemforschung”, Krefeld, in a project concerning the object-oriented development of an order-system for the BASF AG.

In order to be able to meet the steadily growing demand for decentral, flexible and internet-compliant applications, our systems are based on a multi-tier architecture, which enables the realization of interfaces to the user in several ways: first, as a traditional Windows-application with all its advantages regarding user-friendliness and Windows' Look and Feel; and second, as an internet-based application. This application design allows the use of the system whenever an internet access is available. The positive side-effect: there are no more time-consuming and costly installation procedures, and the update of the decentrally registered data is automatically carried through via internet.

The applications we develop represent client-server systems in the classical sense of the word. In this occasion, the application logic is already covered to a very high degree by the data base due to the use of special mechanisms. An advantage of this architecture is, among other things, the minimization of the network load by reducing the volume of the data to be transferred. The server covers the larger part of the application logic and puts thus extensive functionalities at the client's disposal. This two-tier architecture has been transferred to a three-tier architecture, which provides for a further logic division of the functionalities and aims at an easier integration of external systems and a more flexible use of present resources in the network.