Client-Server Architecture

…is an old hat!

We don't think so. Of course many companies claim that they already implemented client-server systems a long time ago, but we extended the meaning of the term. Modern IT-infrastructures consist ever more of complex networks, which connect many work stations. Most PCs are composed of high-quality components, which are, unfortunately, still not used to their capacity.

Our motto is: The network is the application

Multi-Tier Architecture

How many more tiers, you might wonder?

Of course, each new tier discourages a manager. But the typical two-tier design is no longer sufficient for the new generation of complex systems.

Long since, the IT-experts realized that by dividing the services, the realization of comlex systems is accomplished much more effciently. Smaller, independent components reach a higher degree of re-usability and are maintained much easier in this way. As a rule, they are also sturdier and less prone to errors.

The steadily growing demand for internet-compliant systems still affirmed the necessity to use such an architecture.

MS-Office Integration

Why re-invent the wheel?

Always when our customers already have software in use and wish to continue to do so, we think that it is a good thing to do. If you already use Winword or Excel, we can integrate those products. We do not do this, because we want to spare the effort developing such applications, but because we feel that these applications are not only matured and perfected but do also offer an extensive range of applicable functionalities.

In principle it can be said, that every application, which disposes of a so-called COM-Interface, can be integrated.

Multi-Location Architecture

And what is multi-location,please?

The term already expresses quite well its meaning. Our products enable the setup and the connection of several locations, provided with their own data bank server, by using a special replication method. The users utilize the locally present performance, but are also able to modify data simultaneously. This functionality is not yet offered by other replication mechansims. Additionally, the changes made in one of the connected locations are online at the disposal of all users.